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Sunday, September 7, 2008

weightloss regarding exercise needs what?

  • first and foremost, you must learn how to perform exercise properly. doing so will speed up your results while also minimizing injury to the joints and muscles.
  • detemine the amount of resistance(weight) you can handle for each exercise while still maintaining the proper form with aminimum of 12 repititions
  • track your progress .write down the sets,reps and resistance used in all workouts.[most beginning trainees don't do this and speed your success rate

progressively increase your resistance training can do this by increasing the amount of weight you use in exercise,increasing the number of reps per set,or even increasing the number of sets. there are numerous ways to progress your workouts, but these are the three main techniques to do so.

undrestand that resistance training is you should be stronger in two months from now than you are today. don't "settle in" with aworkout routine using the same amount of weight for expanded periods of time.soon enough, the resistance you started off within agiven exercise will no longer challenge your muscles. if you don't increase the resistance at this progressive resistance is the key

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