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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

weightloss primer to every obese and any weightloss programm

i have information that can save you the time and the frustration that i have witnessed in many of those begining the begining of any weightloss program or diet system around.first,you have to determine what your goal is.being specefic,will help you focus and achieve your desired results faster
okay,since you are obviously reading this,i know that your goal is weightloss.however,we have to take adeeper assessment:
how much are you looking to lose?
what is your occupation?(it may seem like an odd question,but someone whose occupation involves prolonged sitting or repititious bending and lifting will have diffirent approaches towards their goal.)
do you know what your current body fat percentage is?
do you have apast medical history that should be considered befor starting a weightloss program?
what is your current fittness level?
what is your current knowledge of proper exercise?
how much time can you allot for exercising per week?
are you mentally prapared and excited to start aweightloss program?
these are the questions that must be answered befor starting any weightloss program to increade your odds of success

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