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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


today i will tell u the best exercises that easily you can do and their results are so effective
only half an hour walking four times weekly can recover any person rapidly from serious diseases as diabetis,rheumatoid arthritis and destruct fats from body

2-doing more extra work in your house and donot behave like retired persons that needs somebody making their nessecaries and always say to your self that iam active,i will lose this bad weight,iam aslim person

simply exercise is the most important factor as when body lose food and unwanted calories tha will prevent the more extra energy from consisting fats into our bodies

  1. one of the most effective exercises is cycling as it forces body to lose more and more calories and at the same time it is not boring,i willnot tell you that u must travel 100 miles or more every day but at least do it twice aweak,it is very effective specially at the morning

  2. also you can do some interesting exercises for at least 40 mint as

  3. jogging,fast walking and swimming,tennis and running.these are guranteed 100% for loosing weight but donot lose the hope

  4. for optimum results you should keep in mind that for short term you willnot reach loosing weight in one day or weak

  5. the benifits from your exercise will make you magic man as your heart will pump extra blood in fewer beats,also your muscles will be more strong as your lungs can get more oxygen fastly to bend muscle so more metabolic rate and that what we want

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